Being Typical

Being typical isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t about being normal or ordinary or plain, but about being relatable. Relativity, believe it or not, isn’t something we come across easily. 

We watch videos and read about people’s lives as they talk about high-end products that they received as PR or their recent trip to a tropical island just for the heck of it. 

What about that is relatable for the people like us, like you and me? Well that’s where I’m stepping in! 

I’m starting this lifestyle blog Typical Tierra to provide content that is relatable to everyone! Everything between cooking, makeup, DIYs, my personal life and so much more! I can’t wait to see where this journey will lead us! 


6 thoughts on “Being Typical

      1. I will have my eye on the end product (the photographs make me hungry). Appreciate, failing is also a win, you learned not to add that spice to this recipe. 😊
        Happy blogging.

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      1. Awesome 😀 I just started following you on Instagram 😉 my challenge just involves 1 hour practise a week for 12 weeks (or as long as you can; no pressure!) and posting a pic of your progress 🙂

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