Italian Sausage Potato Soup!

Hi everyone! 

So as I’ve said before I love to cook and I’m always trying new recipes. A few weeks ago I made Italian Sausage Potato Soup! I absolutely love soup so when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I just HAD to try it (and I’m so glad I did). 

It was super easy to make and totally affordable, something I’m down for any day of the week! I’ve been inspired by cooking videos on Facebook so I decided to whip up my own video. It’s definitely not the best quality, but I’m only beginning! 

I look forward to sharing more cooking videos and recipes with you guys in the future! So enjoy and let me know if you try this!

Funny story, my best friend made this soup following my recipe….but she used 4 pounds of potatoes, instead of 4 cups. I laughed so hard, but I have made plenty of cooking mistakes so I couldn’t judge her! 

*Side note, it’s 1 pound of sausage and you’re suppose to simmer on medium, not low. Mistakes I found after making the video. I also added spinach since it’s something the hubby likes (unlike celery). 

Find the recipe here!


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