Beauty And The Beast

Hey everyone, Happy Sunday Funday! Friday night the hubs and I went to the theaters to see Beauty and the Beast. Since the trailer came out I have been so so excited- I love Disney movies, especially the classics. I’ve had very high hopes as I saw Emma Watson was casted as Belle and Josh Gad as Lefou. To me, the movie was already good. 

As soon as Belle (Emma Watson) came out and started to sing I had immediate chills. I was talking to this girl about the movie and she said Emma had voice training for the movie. I had no idea she could sing. Her voice is so real, not perfect, but it made her character just that more believable. She undoubtedly made the perfect Belle.

The songs were simply my favorite. Name any classic Disney song and I can belt out every lyric, so you can only imagine how hard it was to keep myself from singing along in a theater full of people. What I loved and appreciated the most was that this remake movie didn’t change the songs. It was like you’re watching the classic animation, but with actual people, you know? The movie also added some new songs; short songs that explained some missing details the original had glazed over (Bella’s mother, the Beast’s curse, the villagers). Also, something that was very evident in the original,but made obvious in the remake is that *SPOILER* Lefou is gay! Disney rocks for bringing up these controversial topics and making them casual, as they should be. They also included interracial couples. I love witnessing the changes in the entertainment business, especially in Disney movies and Josh Gad portrayed the perfect Lefou. He was the comic relief, a sweet and caring side kick who never failed to have his friend’s back, even when he didn’t agree with Gaston.

Overall, without giving away too many spoilers, this movie was amazing. Coming in at about 2 hours and 20 minutes, I had my attention captured from the very beginning (granted I dozed off during the fight seen, but I do that in any movie). I highly, highly recommend anyone and everyone to see this movie. Even my husband enjoyed it and the next day he told me he couldn’t get Gaston’s song out of his head, so we ended up listening to the whole album on Spotify! My favorite on the album is Ariana Grande and John Legend’s remake of the song Beauty and the Beast.

Let me know if you’ve seen the movie or if you’re going to see the movie! I’d love to hear your opinions or if there are any other Disney classics you’d like to see remade into a live action! Personally, I think Pocahontas could be next! 


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