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Easy Chicken Tenders!

Who doesn’t love an easy dinner? I know I do! One of my go-to dinners has always been baked chicken tenders because it only takes about 10 minutes preparation time and very little efforts! This dinner is basically fool proof- so anyone can do it! 

I first start off with gathering my ingredients. In three separate shallow containers I pour in enough flour, bread crumbs (or panko crumbs), and eggs (beaten, I also add some water) for the chicken I’m using. 

I first coat my chicken in flour, it takes away the “gooey-ness” of the chicken and gives something for the egg to hold on to.

I then dip the chicken strip in the egg and water mixture. You could skip the water or even add milk, it’s all about preference. I do it basically because it makes the eggs thinner and I have more to use, but mainly because I saw my dad do it! Just make sure you coat the strip completely or else your breadcrumbs won’t stick! 

Next are breadcrumbs. This step (like all the others) is super easy, you’ll just want to coat the strip. Panko crumbs are also great for more crispy tenders. You could crush cereal, crackers, toast…anything! This is also when you will want to add in seasoning. Salt and pepper are always a go-to, but my favorite is Italian seasoning. Paprika is great, too. 

I set the oven for 400 degrees and bake the tenders for approximately 30 minutes, flipping them halfway through.

Let me know what your favorite easy and healthy go-to dinners are! 💋


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