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The Power of Makeup

I’ve been wearing makeup since middle school. I left the house with foundations that did not match my skin tone, eye liner that made me look gothic, and outrageous shades of eyeshadow. Back then I thought I looked great. My makeup skills have definitely improved in the decade I have been wearing it. I’m sure another 10 years, I will look back on the makeup I’m wearing today and wonder why I wore that.

I wear makeup not to hide anything, not to be a different person, but to enhance my beauty and the person I am. I look for certain features that I love and enhance them (ie: bringing out my cheek bones, making my eyes pop). I don’t wear makeup because I’m trying to not be me. I don’t wear makeup to impress anyone or to fool anyone into thinking I’m someone else. I wear it because it’s fun. 

I decided this morning with a lot of free time on my hands I would do the “Power of Makeup”challenge. For this I only applied makeup to one half of my face and left the other side bare. Looking at my bare face compared to my done up face, I didn’t see a drastic difference. Sure my pimple scarring was covered and you couldn’t see the bags under my eyes, but it’s not like I was looking at two different people. I was still looking at Tierra.

These pictures were not edited. They were taken this morning in natural lighting. 

Thank you for reading today’s post! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me why you wear makeup OR why you don’t. 

As always, stay beautiful. ❤


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