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Saturday Night $5 Pamper

Something I’m sure everyone loves is to get pampered, but not everyone has the money to go to a salon and get a facial. Face masks of all sorts have become all the rage lately and, now, even Wal-Mart sells individual masks.

I love to try different masks. I have young skin, but it is dry and I’m starting to see where I might be getting wrinkles (yikes!) During this Wal-Mart trip I saw that they had a bunch of masks 2 for $5. So I thought, why not pamper my skin tonight! I picked out a bubble mask and a lip mask, both I have never used before.


Both of these masks are by the brand SOO AE. The charcoal clay bubble mask was very interesting to say the least. It’s a very thick product and bubbles as soon as you smooth it over your face. I enjoyed the feeling as the bubbles fizzed on my face, but I did not like how it made my face feel sticky and heavy afterwards.

The lip mask was nice, too. I didn’t see much of a difference other than it made my lips soft. Also, don’t use this if you can’t breath through your nose.

Today, Sunday, I didn’t see much difference in my skin. It did feel a tad bit drier, though.DSCN0218

Overall I did have fun trying out these new masks! They were interesting and I for sure laughed at myself since I looked ridiculous!

Until next time loves! Leave a like and a comment. 🙂


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