What I Learned.

Happy Sunday! Today I have officially been married for ONE WHOLE YEAR! It’s crazy to think about all that has happened between today and the day of our wedding (and how fast those days flew by).

For today’s post, I want to share with you some of the things I have learned along the way. I can’t guarantee any of them will be helpful because I’m learning more and more every day, but I love sharing my experiences with others.

  1. Communicate. Open up to your partner and don’t bottle things up. This way you’ll avoid arguments and you can stay on the same page as a couple. You two may be perfect for each other, but I doubt your SO is a mind reader.
  2. Money. Don’t let money be the reason your marriage fails. Assure the other person why you married them and why it wasn’t because of money. Cherish each other based on experiences and not by what money can buy. Set up budgets and be open about your spending.
  3. Decisions. Being married comes with a lot of decision making. Being married for one year we had to decide on where to live and car shopping as well as little things like what kind of coffee maker to buy. Later in life I know we will have to make more important decisions, but it doesn’t hurt to talk about the future now, even before you tie the knot. Decisions like kids are huge and you want to assure you agree on almost everything.
  4. Compromise. This goes hand in hand with decision making. You might want one thing while your partner wants a totally different thing. Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice your happiness for your partners and that’s okay. Do what they want now and then next time it’ll be your turn. You have a lifetime to get things your way, don’t let your partner miss out on the things they want.
  5. Love. Sometimes I have to take a step back and just look at my husband. Doing this reminds me why I chose to marry him. Some days he makes me so angry and some days he treats me like a princess, but I can guarantee every night I go to bed happy, knowing I have this person next to me that loves me unconditionally. You’ll have arguments, problems in life, hard times and good times, but you will always have love.


If you enjoyed this post then leave a like or a comment. I’d love to make a “What I Learned” series for different things in life. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!



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