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Ed Sheeran Concert 

You guys, last night was about the best night EVER. My husband and I attended Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour at Keybank Center in Buffalo. This is our second time at an Ed Sheeran concert and the experience was mind-blowing.

Okay, so to start out the night James Blunt performed. Some people might call him a “one hit wonder.” I’ve gotta say, I was amazed. He sang a bunch of new songs and, of course, he sang You’re Beautiful. Given the chance, I would definitely see him perform again. He was funny and so down to earth.

The first time we saw Ed Sheeran was in 2015 at an outdoor venue. We had lawn seats so we weren’t really close. This time, though, we were seventh row. We. Were. So. Close. The second he came out the whole place exploded. I’m not going to lie, the second he started singing, I lost my cool- I was no longer worried about anything else. That’s the best part of his music, I get completely lost in it.

Ed Sheeran is a one-man-show. It’s just him, his guitars and his loop pedal. He sang almost all his songs on his Divide record, some of his more popular songs on his Multiply record, and he sang everyone’s favorite, The A Team. My favorite song was definitely Bloodstream. He performed this song at the last concert we went to, but the way he beats on his guitar, deafening the whole arena, shows you just how much soul he puts into his songs.

Here are some photos my husband and I captured. If you’d like to see some video clips then check out my insta (tierrakoch)! I would recommend everyone and their mother, father, grandparent, brother, sister… (etc) to go see this man perform. He is definitely loved by all ages. I don’t have a single complain (except for the fact that 2 hours simply wasn’t long enough) and I definitely cannot wait to attend another Ed Sheeran concert.



We also held eye contact for at least 3 seconds, soo we’re basically BFFs. Leave a like and a comment, let me know your favorite/best concert experience was! Other than Ed we have also seen Ariana Grande (see previous posts) and Panic! at the Disco.


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