Thrift Haul!

Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you another thrift haul because yesterday I scored BIG time at my local Salvation Army. Wednesday’s my favorite day to go thrifting since everything is half off. Usually when I go thrifting I’m looking for particular clothing items. Of course you never know what you’ll find, but this time I found the three things I went in looking for.

First I looked through the tank tops. I found these three super cute tanks perfect for the end of hot summer days while transitioning into cooler fall days. The first is from Hollister (love the fake second layer), the second is from By Together (very flattering shape despite the boxy appearance), and the third is from H&M (super casual and playful!).


One of the best items I can find while thrifting are cardigans. Buying them new can be so expensive, so if I can find them for cheap then I’m definitely snagging them. I love this cardigan first for the rich maroon color (perfect for fall) as well as the pleading in the back. It’s a simple piece, but the back gives it a flattering shape.

The next item I found was almost a total coincidence. So as I was browsing through the shirts I was in the yellow section. Now, if you know anything about me then you know I don’t wear yellow- it’s just not my favorite color. But I know mustard yellow is a huge fall color so I thought “well if I find something in this color, then I’ll buy it.” Well picking through the women’s yellow tops I couldn’t find anything so I gave up, but as I was turning the corner I found this top (see below). I stopped dead in my tracks and laughed because it was a girls mustard yellow tank covered in foxes. I grabbed it and thought, why not? It’s a large so it’ll fit a bit snug, but it’s totally cute. Also, it’s a cheap way to experiment with the new color. If I end up hating it then I’ve only wasted .99 cents.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Salvo was to check out the dresses. My husband’s uncle is getting married in two weeks and the attire is super casual (Justin is a best man and he has to wear a camo vest LOL!). I still wanted to find a cute dress so I could obviously take an Instagram picture. I found these two dresses. The first one is short and the material is amazingly soft, fits perfectly. The second one was my best find of the whole trip, though it’s two sizes too big. It’s a maxi from Old Navy and I plan on taking in the sides so it will fit better.

So if it wasn’t for my friend, Sierra, I would not have found this absolute treasure find. Apparently I never knew this Salvo had a changing room and what better place to look for some of the best items! I found a almost new pair of size 4 skinny jeans from American Eagle. They are a tad bit too short (I’m 5’9″) but they fit like a glove. On the tag it says it’s from 2014 but these jeans were in better shape than most of the jeans I bought 6 months ago!

If you enjoyed this haul then let me know! I plan on going thrifting again super soon! Sorry of this post is a bit on the longer side, I’m just excited about all my great finds! ❤


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