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I Went One Month Without Applying Heat to My Hair

Yeah, okay, so for most of you that might be nothing… but for me it was very challenging. Mid-July (so more like one and a half months) I decided I had just had enough. It was brutally hot and my hair has been the longest it has ever been. I would get ready in the morning, apply my makeup, but when it came to my hair I just skipped doing it. I shower at night so my hair air dries while I sleep and when I wake up in the morning it would be wavy. I made it a goal to not use any heat for the whole month of August and I let everyone around me know this just in case I messed up they could call me out on it.

Since it’s summer the challenge really wasn’t that hard. I messed up one day and had to blow dry my hair for a wedding, but for the rest of the month I stayed on track. Not applying heat gave my hair a well deserved break, but with any challenge comes positive and negative outcomes.

Positives first!

  • I had more time in the mornings to focus on makeup, eating breakfast, catching up with a tv show, getting ready for the day, or, of course, sleeping in.
  • I experimented with new hairstyles like side Dutch braids, naturally wavy looks, buns, ponytails, or even wearing hats.
  • My hair grew a few inches, not much but I can definitely see the difference!
  • I wasn’t worrying about my hair. One day Justin and I got caught in a sudde. downpour and usually I would freak out, but since I wasn’t putting much effort or time into my hair I just didn’t care.
  • I had a sudden confidence boost. We all get stuck in ruts and when you’re just doing the same thing day after day, no one will really say anything (not that you need the approval of others, but it is still nice to get a compliment every now and then). When you’re trying new things, people will notice. I’ve had a bunch of people compliment my braids by telling me I look like Elsa!

Now for the negatives!

  • I washed my hair way too much. I try to get away with only washing my hair 1-2 times a week. If I’m going to have natural waves I have to use mousse (because frizz) and that makes my hair either sticky, greasy, or crunchy the next day so I feel forced to wash it.
  • My hair was breaking. Okay so this may not make sense, but if I was “scrunching” my hair then I wouldn’t brush it, especially when it is wet. It became super tangled causing it to break easily.
  • I ran out of motivation. I love braiding my hair and fell in love with the side braid, but there were days where I don’t want my hair down. I love buns, but my hair is starting to get too long so it makes my bun very heavy.
  • I got bored. Simply that. I love having my hair super curly or pin straight, but I obviously couldn’t do either without heat. I’m proud of (almost) making it through the challenge, but I’m super happy to style my hair again!

So there it is! My first challenge completed. I will skip heat, or skip washing my hair, every once in awhile like on breaks, but never this long. Maybe next summer I will try two whole months, or the whole summer!


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